Free Refinance Program

In an effort to retain your business for life, Fidelity Residential will allow you to refinance ANY loan we make to you, with ABSOLUTELY NO CLOSING COSTS*.
How does this program work?
To qualify, you must obtain a 1st or 2nd mortgage from Fidelity Residential and make a minimum of 6 monthly payments prior to being eligible. Fidelity Residential will pay all third party expenses in connection with your refinance. This includes all title company related fees and state mandated costs. In addition, all lender fees will be waived. These fees will appear on your settlement statement. However, a lender credit will offset these expenses.
  • Eligible Transactions: Rate/Term and cash out refinances.

  • Qualified Borrowers: Only borrowers appearing on the original loan application qualify for this program. This offer is non-transferable.

  • Interest Rates: The interest rate available at the time of the free refinance will be determined by current market conditions. Promotional rates do not qualify for the free refinance program.

  • Minimum number of payments: You will become eligible for this promotion after making 4 – 6 monthly payments on any new loan. Please consult with Robert Shamie to determine the requirements of you loan program.
Why are we doing this?
I offer this program exclusively to my clients in an effort to become your life long partner with respect to your future mortgage needs. It is my hope, that you will refer your friends and family to me because I offer something that no other lender can.
How do we make money on this?
We make little to no profit offering you this program. As a banker, we earn a premium when we sell the servicing rights of your loan to our investors. We use these funds to offset our expense incurred by waiving the normal lender fees and paying the state mandated and third party costs related to the transaction. Typicaly, rates for this program will be .25% above the posted promotional rates on our website. Certain restrictions may apply.
Should you have any question regarding this guarantee, please feel free to contact us.