Our Goal


At Fidelity Residential, you'll get an easy and fast process, very low rates and low costs. Your loan experience starts amazing and stays amazing over the loan's term. Maybe you want to close quickly on a dream home, or refinance a home to lower monthly payments or consolidate debt. We're industry veterans who understand how to structure loans. Helping home buyers and owners finance with low hassle and high happiness is what we live and breathe. We're all about benefiting more people by outworking our competitors. We offer the widest variety of loan types making Fidelity Residential your one stop shop for loans of almost any type.


Our process is a quick, transparent and seamless. What does that mean? Well, we only request information from you that actually matters in making our credit decision. We don't believe in the kitchen sink approach. That's big. So is our use of smart technology: Our customer portal allows you to apply online, see your loan status and zip over any requested documents with ease. We will provide you loan status updates in real time via email and SMS as your loan moves through the various stages before closing. We'll also provide you an explanation up front of what to expect in easy to understand videos so that there are no surprises.


Mortgage rates are markets driven. Mortgages are packed into securities which are a type of bond. When these markets move, so do the rates on loans. When you invest, you want an expert in the markets right? You seek the best financial advisor you can find who can provide you timely insights. Why should a mortgage be any different? Having the right information and guidance is critical in making an educated decision. We provide you a treasure trove of premium pay service updates at no cost to you. You'll have access to alerts, newsletters, charts, indices and summaries that effect your mortgage rate. Understanding markets can save you money and make you money. Have a look at our markets page!