Improve your credit!

Lower Your Payments
Combining all your bills into one payment is an excellent way to rid yourself of high interest credit card bills and late fees, and to lower your overall monthly payments. If your are a homeowner with a good amount of equity in your home you may still be able to lower your monthly mortgage by refinancing. Just expect to pay a slightly higher interest rate due to your credit problems. To shop multiple ivestors for this loan, fill out our FREE search form.
Consolidate Your Debts
If you don't have a lot of equity in your home but you are looking to clean up late payments and pay off debts, you can still get the cash you need with a 125% LTV. This enables you to borrow up to 125% of your home's value. The down side is that the interst rate will be much higher than with other types of loans. To shop multiple lenders for this loan, fill out our FREE search form.
New Home Loan
You may be surprised to find that you can qualify for a new home loan. Expect to need a larger down payment to compensate for your crdit problems - but it is possible. To shop multiple lenders for this type of loan, fill out our FREE search form.
Improve Your Credit Standing 
There are lenders that can work with credit grades as low as D. We suggest that you order your credit report and then use the credit grade chart below to estimate your own score. LoanWeb can help you improve your credit standing. To shop multiple lenders, fill out our FREE search form.
Credit Grade Guide
Many lenders will evaluate your credit standing or "grade" based on something called a FICO score. FICO is a mathematical model created by the Experian credit bureau as a tool for lenders to use in evaluating the risk associated with lending you money. Your score is calculated on a series of questions about your credit history and income, among others. Below you will find a credit chart based on the FICO score model.*